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Your Drive Uganda Ltd is a car rental Uganda company offering the most affordable, trusted and reliable cheap car hire services in Uganda. Are you planning to drive yourself on your next safari to East Africa? This is the right place! Book any car for your travel needs while in the country with us from $30. We offer various services like self drive safaris in Uganda, chauffeur driven car rental, airport pickup and drop. Depending on your budget, we have a fleet of cars from which you can book including; saloon cars, minibus, minivans, super customs, 4×4 Rav4, all safari vehicles, 4×4 station wagons, luxury cars for hire in Uganda, coasters and more. We always find a solution to your car needs at every budget. Contact us today and reserve a car for your drive Uganda experience.

Our well trained and friendly staff is always at standby to provide you with the vehicle according to your travel plans. Our cars are new and always well maintained ready to hit the road at any time, therefore you can hire a car with Your Drive Uganda Ltd at any time of the year. Make a booking now and the car will be provided to you at your desired destination in Uganda.

Find the best Uganda Car hire Deals

Toyota Rav4

Book a 4×4 Toyota Rav4 with us today for a self drive experience in Uganda. This SUV is a 5 seater with enough space. It’s the ideal small car while traveling to remote areas. Book now at $45 per day

Safari Land Cruiser

This is a 4×4 WD strong car best for safaris to national parks and remote areas. It carries 2-6 people and has enough space for carrying luggage. Contact us and book this car at $120 per day

Mini Bus

This a precious large van is suitable for families and group tours. It carries 18-28 people and has enough space for carrying the luggage. You can book minivan with us at a low cost of $180 per day

Land Cruiser TZ

We have comfortable, reliable and well maintained 4×4 land cruise TZ. This is a strong car and it carries 4-5 people. We have both manual & automatic with all the accessories. Book at $75 per day

Super Custom

This comfortable 4×4 WD car is good for both large and small groups. It carries a maximum of six people and we have them in both manual and automatic form. Contact us now and book one at $75 per day

Land Cruiser Tx

Book this 4×4 wheel drive land cruiser TX for either self drive or with a driver from us. We have good, comfortable and reliable cars ready to drive both manual & automatic. Book this car at $70 per day

Safari Van

This 10 seater is a great car especially for a safari to the various places in Uganda. Rent this car for either self drive or with a driver. We have both manual & automatic cars. Book now at $70

Land Cruiser Hard Top

Are you traveling in large numbers? Rent this 4×4 land cruiser hard top with us for self drive or with a driver. This car carries about 7 people. Contact us now and rent it at USD 100 per day

Saloon Cars

Rent a small saloon car in Uganda today. We have many types of small comfortable cars for your travel needs in both manual & automatic form. Hire a small car from USD 20 per day

How to Rent a Car in Uganda for Self Drive?

Do you want to hire a car for self drive in Uganda? Are you looking for the best car rental Uganda agency? Well, Your Drive Uganda is the best answer to these questions. With over 10 years experience, we have the best cars including 4×4 WD, well maintained, reliable and very comfortable to make your drive on Ugandan roads a real adventure. Our fleet of cars includes large and small cars for large groups and small groups respectively.

The prime question here is “How can I rent a car in Uganda for self drive?” Well, this is very simple! The first option is by visiting our “contact us” page and filling in your details. After send it and we shall receive your inquiry. Our well-trained staff will respond immediately.

The second option is by contacting us directly by phone. Our office phone is always on 24 hours a day and you can call us and book a car of your choice at any time. Simply dial +256 781451037.

Lastly, you can visit our office at Room 03B, Najja House, Entebbe Road, Kampala and reserve a car with us directly

Now that you know how to book a car in Uganda for a self drive experience, go on and try it out with us.

Frequently Asked Car Rental Uganda Questions

What are the Road Rules in Uganda?

What are the Road Rules in Uganda? Well, here are the various road rules to follow while on a self drive in Uganda. Before renting a car in Uganda, you need to know these rules. Read More

How can I rent a car in Uganda?

This is a common question for those interested in hiring a car in Uganda for self drive or with a driver guide. Here are your answers! Read More

How can I acquire a driving license in Uganda?

Find out how to acquire a driving license in Uganda before renting a car for a self drive in Uganda. This car hire guide in Uganda is very important especially to those planning to drive themselves. Read More

Why Rent a Car in Uganda?

Renting a car in Uganda is as simple as contacting us on our booking page, but you can also call us on +256781451037 to speak with our award-winning customer service experts. Do you have questions like; why rent a car in Uganda with Your Drive Uganda Ltd car Hire Company? Well, get all the answers here.. Read More

Can I use my License to Drive in Uganda?

Travelers from all parts of the world can pick up a vehicle in Uganda and drive off the rental agency lot with either a domestic driver’s license or an international passport. Before renting a car for a self drive in Uganda, you need to provide a valid driving permit. Read more

Can I take a Hire car from Uganda to other Countries and back?

This is a common question especially for travelers interested in driving to more than just one country. When you hire a car in Uganda, you can use that same car to drive to other African countries. However, due to border regulations, a fee of $40 is paid while crossing from one country to another Read More

Can I hire a car in Uganda if I’m under 25?

Yes, you can rent a car in Uganda if you are below 25 years of age. However, if you are below 18 years of age, you are not allowed to hire a car from Your Drive Uganda car Rental Company. Read More

When should I book my Rental car in Uganda and Rwanda?

We always advise our customers to book early to avoid inconveniences. The earlier you rent a car in Uganda with us, the better the rate and wider choice of vehicles. During festive seasons like Christmas, Easter and peak seasons, it’s essential to book early. Read More

How old do I have to be to rent a car in Uganda?

At Your Drive Uganda car Rental Company, the generally accepted age to rent a car in Uganda is 21-25 years. However, there are some car hire companies in Uganda which hire cars to clients of 18 years for self drive. Read More

Is it more expensive to hire a car with manual or automatic transmission in Uganda?

Unlike some countries, the cost to rent a car in Uganda automatic is the same as that of a manual transmission. In Uganda, the majority of rental cars are automatic and this makes renting a car in Uganda much easier for those with driving licenses. Read More

How can I book and pay for a car in Uganda?

Well, find out before renting a car in Uganda for your travel experience. Read More

Additional Transportation Services in Uganda

Luxury Car Rentals Uganda

Take to the streets of Uganda in style with a luxury car rental in Uganda! Your Drive Uganda proves that luxury is affordable at a cheaper cost. We offer prestige car rentals in Uganda

Van Rental Uganda

A van Rental in Uganda ensures that passengers travel in comfort with their luggage onboard. Your Drive Uganda offers minivans from which you can select the size  and price that best fits your needs

Camping Gears

Do you need camping gears on your Uganda self drive trip? Well, we got you covered. Contact us now for all your camping equipments